Once, you lived a boring normal life. Punched a clock, kept up with the Jonses, worried about your 401k or the cost of your kids’ braces. That all changed when you started hearing the voices, when you saw things nobody else did. You figured out the deep dark secret of this rotten world: the supernatural is real. It exists, it pulls our strings, it feeds off the corruption and monotony of everyday life. You know the truth, but can’t tell even your closest friends and family; they’d think you’ve gone off the deep end and lock you away for good. But this is not going to stand. You’ve seen reality’s true colors, and you’re taking the world back… one night at a time.


The time: Fourth of July weekend, 2012. The place: a remote slice of northern Michigan’s tourist coast. The cast of characters: three men lost amongst the pines, three men sharing the common urgency of all men lost – they’re looking for a way out. And in a moment they’ll find it, not a comforting exit back into their mundane reality but a strange, inexplicable clarity as they emerge with the truth as if from a dream. Next stop… the World of Darkness.

Hunter: The Reckoning

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