Rupert don't get paid enough.


Rupert is 6’3" tall, barrel-chested, and what little neck he has is as like a stack of porterhouse. His standard work uniform is a pair of Oakleys, a white dress shirt, a black vest or sportcoat, black slacks and wingtips, a black satin tie if the occasion demands it, and an assortment of firearms.


Rupert is the Cronshaws’ valet, a personal chauffeur, manservant, bodyguard, what-have-you taking charge of the protection and care of Reginald Cronshaw. As a former Green Beret, you can probably guess how he feels about his poor choices in life. But the pay is good, and the job security is air-tight, and despite being on-the-clock 24/7 nobody gives two shits what Rupert is up to at any given moment. Just as long as Reggie gets a ride to and from school every day…


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