Oswald Cronshaw

Chaperone of Samuel's camping party


Oswald is most likely sitting in an overpriced camp chair or lounge, swirling a glass of wine or snifter of brandy. Being on vacation, he adorns himself with a blue Hawaiian shirt, khaki cargo shorts, Birkenstock sandals, and a safari/slouch hat.


Oswald Cronshaw is a well-to-do attorney at law operating his own law office in Detroit. Oswald lives in a Bloomfield Hills estate on 3.4 acres with his wife, Emiliana, and his eleven-year-old son Reginald (“Reggie”). In an effort for his son to get to know Samuel better, he helped with the logistics of Samuel joining the Scouts of St. George trip Oswald was chaperoning in the Upper Peninsula.

Oswald Cronshaw

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