Vincent St. Paul Jones Jr. "Grave Robber"

Former lead of The Death Kult Krew, now out of rehab, and starting his solo career.



Home town: Spokane, Washington | Lives in: Los Angeles , California
Age: 47 | Religion: Spiritualism with a dash of Satanism
Marital Status: Single, Divorced three times.

Relatives: Vincent Jones Sr. (Father, 77, Retired Army Veteran), Sheila St Paul Jones (Mother, 71, Housewife), Rick St Paul Jones (Brother, 43), Beth St. Paul Jones (sister in-law, 44), Obadiah Jones (Uncle, 81)

Character Stats



Resources 3: Being sued by everyone and their mother, plus being kicked out of the band he made famous has put a hurt on Vincent’s finances, but he is not where near hurting…. yet. Some frugal investments, random reality shows and music royalties keep him fairly set.

Fame 3: As a former lead singer in a world wide band and involved in a massive court case has made Vincent rather famous. He is generally known off by almost everyone in an area. Especially among his demongraphic.

Contacts 3: Being the famous Grave Digger has its perks. Where ever he goes there are usually 2 or 3 major fans that can help him out in their specialties, Plus there are always a few in every club and around town.

Arsenal 1: Vincent St. Paul has a decent collection of melee weapons, mostly for prop purposes, but he also likes to train with them. An assortment of knives, a few swords and battle axes, as well a few polearms and crossbows. Plus a couple WW2 guns and gear, mostly custom SS pieces.


Enchanting Voice 2: The difficulty of all rolls involving the use of your voice to persuade, seduce, charm, or order is reduced by 2

Huge Size 3: You stand over seven feet tall and weight close to three hundred pounds.Gain and Extra Bruised Health Level. Storyteller may award bonuses to push objects, break down doors or resist being knocked down.


Penitents have a sin, real or imagined, for which they wish to atone. The Penitent himself determines the sin. Some Penitents have an ever-increasing list o wrongs that they accumulate from day to day, all of which must be ameliorated in different ways. Penitents aren’t necessarily religious, they simply feel they must scourge an evil within them. Reformed criminals and persons with low self-esteem are Penitent Archetypes. Gain temporary Willpower when you perform an adequate act of reparation that either removes a lesser sin or is a step toward assuaging a greater one (Storyteller’s discretion).


The Rebel has a need to undermine authority. Whether his grievances against the system are legitimate or simply an outgrowth of some wrong done to him in the past is inconsequential. The Rebel consciously prefers to challenge an authority figure or society’s dictates, even if his choice may lead him down a more difficult road. Teenagers, nonconformists, and criminals may all be Rebel Archetypes. Regain Willpower whenever you oppose an authority figure and let him know it, or when you earn others’ respect for opposing the status quo.


Vice -1: Vincent needs his cigarettes to stay sane. The occasional beer or seven help too.

Eccentric Appearance -1: Vince is fucking over 7 feet tall, has long hair, is covered in tattoos, wears make up and likes to talk about Satan.

When dealing with people not familiar with your particular subculture, increase the difficulty of any Social rolls by two. Furthermore your appearance is eye-catching, though people tend to focus on your attire rather than your physical characteristics, such as eye color.

Infamy -2: People in oyur community tend to recognize you for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you were involved in a local scandal involving a politician, or perhaps you were charged but not convicted in a sensational case. No matter what the cause, you tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention wherever you go.

People look down on you, though they don’t necessarily hinder or harass you. Add two to the difficulty of any Social rolls that involve people who know about your past

Stalked -2: Someone has an unhealthy obsession with you. Despite repeated calls to the police and several restraining orders, this person continues to harass you. Any time you head out on a hunt, the ST can make a Perception roll diff 6 on your behalf. If it fails or botches, your stalker has managed to tail you throughout the night and may put in an appearance.

Insensitive -1: You have problems understanding how to gauge others’ emotional reactions. You can be rather blunt in handling delicate matters, and you often find yourself apologizing without really understanding what you’ve done to offend someone. Add two to the difficulty of any Empathy rolls you attempt



Vincent St. Paul Jones Jr. is a hulking brute of a man. Just over 7 feet tall and weighing over 330 lbs… which used to be solid muscle but now in his middle age, is a little chunky. He has long dark hair a long goatee and is covered in tattoos from the neck down.

He occasionally wears black eye make up and sometimes even full demonic skull face paint.

He usually wears a black t-shirt (sometimes a band shirt, sometimes plain), jeans, with a large leather belt and belt buckle, massive thick leather boots, that add further to his height. He also has a large battered leather biker jacket.

Vincent St. Paul Jones Jr. owns a matte black El Camino known as the Beast (custom license number 666) and a massive custom Harley known as the Hellrider.


Character History

Vincent St. Paul Jones Jr. became the lead singer of the Death Kult Krew in 1987 when the former lead singer Skip Malcolm disappeared mysteriously. Taking the stage name of Grave Robber, DKK quickly grew from a local Jersey band to a “kultural” phenomenon.

Extremely popular, things were going great for Grave Robber until a few years ago, when Vincent was woken up after a bender while on tour by a SWAT team. Covered in blood, groggy and confused, Vincent was witness to a horrific sight. All the groupies who had been “entertaining” him the night before were dead. Torn apart by some horrible psycho serial killer.

Vincent some how managed to fight of the monster in a drug an liquor fueled rage. While the carnage was terrible, it was a little extra terrible due to the fact that a powerful senators daughter was one of the groupies…..

The government managed to cover the entire incident up, blaming it all on Vincent, saying it was a new dangerous rave drug that Vincent had given the groupies.

Vincent was deemed free of all charges, but required to enter rehab. While he was free of criminal charges, he was sued by everyone and their mother, plus kicked out of the band.

His reputation now ruined, Vincent is trying to rebuild his life, his reputation and his career. All the while blaming himself for what happened in that hotel room, and trying to actually figure out the mystery of that night.


Death Kult Krew

An Industrial Horror Rock band.

The band started to become popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the addition of Vincent (their new lead singer). They proceeded to become a massive success into the late 90’s even having a few tv specials and a cartoon Halloween special. After a few bad Albums they started to lose favor in the early 2000’s but were making a huge comeback around the time Vincent woke up with the dead groupies…..

Now they are more popular than even and just releasing their second hit album with new lead singer, Rex Krugger. Though many die hard original fans miss Vincent and claim that "Death Kult Krugger (as they call them) is now lame and commercial.

Band Members

Skip Malcolm “Mister Malice”: Original Lead Singer/Guitar
Taylor Stevens “Doctor Nails”: Bass
Reggie Von Kult “The Freak”: Drums
Winston Von Kult “The Reaper”: Guitar
Rex Krugger “Soul Killer”: New Lead Singer
Tex “The Bull” Wright: Manager


Other Stuff


“She wasn’t a hooker, you pay hookers.”

Songs & Albums

“I woke up and now she’s dead”

Satan’s Buttfucker (DKK – Album 2)
“You can’t get to heaven on Satan’s tears.”

Kill Kount: 6 | Babe Kount: 1



Vincent St. Paul Jones Jr. "Grave Robber"

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